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Functions and Results

The working environment of the clustering module gives you as the presenter functions and support that allow you to generate data whose granularity and quantity can be processed further in a structured and efficient manner.




  • parallel grouping together or individually
  • takes permanent, independent minutes
  • the task is clearly defined
  • the grouping rules are established in advance
  • provides a framework for convergence techniques, e.g.: 

• moderated process 
• statistical grouping
• first come, first served



  • flexible guidelines on organisational criteria
  • analysis function of the presenter
  • integrated working instructions



  • absence of  pressure from a hierarchy or to conform
  • parallel and efficient grouping
  • subject-oriented and concentrated targeted work
  • generates a common understanding
  • reduces redundancy
  • clear divisions between subjects
  • high level of transparency of process and content
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