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Functions and Results

The working environment of the Voting module enables the group to rate the selected content itself according to criteria it has selected itself or which have been laid down. Method and analysis technique are flexible in order to form a group opinion.




  • every participant can vote
  • it has a variety of numerous and flexible voting methods
  • it provides flexible analysis tools
  • it provides a framework for voting techniques, e.g.: 

• multi-criteria analysis   
• voting
• order of priority
• selects subsets



  • flexible allocation of assessment criteria
  • analysis function of the presenter
  • allocation of working instructions
  • opportunities for graphic assessment



  • absence of pressure from a hierarchy or pressure to conform
  • parallel and efficient voting
  • reveals a joint assessment  
  • generates acceptance of the result
  • group feeling develops
  • high process and content transparency
  • group analysis revises the result immediately
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