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nemoČ makes no decisions but ensures that you make the right one.
  • nemoČ is the right tool when you have not only to develop, but also use, creative potential. Regardless of whether you're using it for initial brainstorming session at the start of a projects, for strategy workshops or for recurring tasks, the parallel nature and anonymous nature of nemoČ allows you to achieve better results more quickly.
  • In the past, group discussions or meetings could not handle too much complexity. Too many people or too much discipline generated conflicts of interest which were not solvable using the customary methods. nemoČ masters this complexity and provides usable results, even with large groups.
  • It goes without saying that nemoČ stores the complete sequence of events and the results of a workshop. This can be repeated relatively easily with each further participant at any time.     
  • Since the use of nemoČ allows all participants to express their opinions anonymously and allows everybody to add to and comment on these, the results generated are always better.

Typical Areas of Use:

  • strategy workshops
  • innovation and knowledge management
  • preparing decisions (staff tasks)
  • project management (best practice, reviews, risk management)
  • assessing alternatives
  • the quote process
  • expert workshops (combined know-how)
  • selecting applicants
  • lessons learned

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