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How you benefit when using nemo²
  • A parallel and targeted structure

    The use of proven and recognised methods together with nemo² as a tool contributes to the efficiency of your nemo² meetings just as crucially as the simultaneous entering and processing of the data under discussion. 
  • Group dynamics with no inhibiting influences

    All participants have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion without having to speak out in the group. The anonymous publication of arguments and comments produces a high degree of vigorous participation by all group attendees. 
  • The results are accepted by the group and recorded automatically

    The participants can not only express their views and ideas, these are also automatically recorded in the meeting minutes. If the group process subsequently leads to a result, this result enjoys a very high level of acceptance for the most part. The brainstorming module is the central tool for producing, developing and commenting on ideas. Designed for diverging forms of communication and processes, brainstorming is a central module of almost all use cases.
  • Permanent transparency of processes and content through real-time analysis

    nemo² enables all participants to contribute their opinions and ideas and to have them recorded in the minutes. The transparency of the process and the opportunities for real-time analysis give the results that are achieved a high degree of quality. 
  • An innovative presentation with method and tool

    The interaction between the method and the nemo² tool achieves the best possible results. This is achieved through the use of proven problem-solving techniques by the presenters and / or by using pre-defined solutions. 
  • Flexible meeting-planning and implementation

    Regardless of whether you use pre-defined solutions or individually planned workshops, nemo² gives you the opportunity of adapting the structure and content of your meeting to altered situations at all times, including during meetings.
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