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In brief: nemo² is a group decision support system, which delivers you scientifically proved methods for more efficient meetings. With nemo² we present you an innovative software solution to exhaust your potentials.

Up to now in group discussions or meetings handling with considerable complexity has not been possible. Too many persons or too many disciplines create contradictions of conflict which can not be solved by conventionally methods. nemo² knows how to master this complexity and delivers applicable results in large groups as well.

You'll be the first to be the best!

When one person talks and another|does the writing, that's not enough.

We've seen it all before – you've got a brainstorming session where a lot of people talk at the same time and others don't talk at all. Many ideas can't be recorded and others get lost due to the fact that individual group members dominate the proceedings.


Version 1.2 Beta Download

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nemo² Sciene Edition

kostengünstigere Version für Hochschulen

30 methods for a result.

There is a whole range of methods for coming up with ideas and on how to make a presentation; each of us knows at least one. With nemo² you combine four modules which gives you a good command of more than 30 scientifically tested variations.


The start is quite easy.

Regardless of whether you lease or buy nemo², it can be used in different locations and at different times.


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